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Full Scale IT Services

Individual end-users and organization administrators need fast responses to IT issues. We provide outstanding, responsive, and efficient support systems to help your organization and its customers enjoy the easiest possible experience.

The Process

Whether you are an established name in your industry or just hitting the ground running, every business needs an efficient IT infrastructure to ensure success. After consulting and creating a plan with our team, we will develop and implement the ideal solution for your organization.


With our free consultations, we can discuss the IT-related needs of you and your organization


Your dedicated Only IT team will work closely with you to strategize an efficient solution to meet your goals.


Our team will work with you in person and remotely to implement and troubleshoot your custom IT solution.

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Our Services

One Time Services

We provide a range of one-time services from large scale hardware deployment to full-scale planning and mapping of IT infrastructure. All one-time services can also be extended into recurring services.

Mass Hardware Deployment

Large scale deployment of machines compatible with any operating system including laptops, cameras, desktops, tablets and other workstations

Domain And Email Setup

Creation and management of domain and email for your organization to ensure quick and efficient communication internally and externally

CCTV Installation

Deployment of CCTV security and management of software to monitor assets to ensure safety

Project Planning

Project planning and implementation of any uniquely crafted IT-based projects to achieve your organizational goals

Reccuring Services

Recurring services include services that are billed, weekly, monthly, or yearly.  These services, such as 24/7 IT Helpdesk and remote monitoring, can be fully managed by our Only IT Services team.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring services can help keep tabs on active (or inactive) workstations, servers, and more to ensure an efficient .

Vendor Coordination

Purchasing hardware or software and coordinating with their vendors on a frequent basis to provide the products your organization needs

IT Helpdesk

24/7 IT Helpdesk to support both internal employees and administrators, as well as and external users such as your customers.

IT Infrastructure Management

Complete management of your IT infrastructure where needed.

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